All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. is a full service FINTECH innovator with operation in Europe-Latin America and United States.We are creating the ultimate consumer engagement worldwide platform. ATMA provides on-demand, practical products that make it easier for businesses and consumers to communicate, manage their finances, and process payments. We’re driven by strong principles of continual improvement – constantly investing in research and development to create powerful new solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s marketplace. ATMA, as a leading-edge FinTech company helps bridge the gap between financial and essential services. Our innovative line of custom consumer applications center around our PayToGo and application allows for electronic payment transactions, purchase Mobile World Wide telecom operator airtime and data, Vouchers and Gift Card and bill payment services. We strive to provide the ultimate consumer engagement platform by linking: artificial intelligence , cloud base technology and blockchain service for banking, health, online gaming , entertainment, communication.